Doug Condon received his training at the School of Visual Arts where he earned both a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and later a Masters Degree in Applied Teaching.

After graduation Doug worked professionally in several fields: illustration, animation and comic books. He worked as a freelance illustrator painting book covers, magazine illustrations and work for print.  He worked on several animated shows that appeared on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.  He later worked as an in-house artist for D.C. Comics and got to meet superheroes regularly.  (Jonah Hex was his favorite.)

After a decade of working professionally he left the commercial art field to pursue a greater love, teaching. Today he works as a high school visual arts teacher and an art history college lecturer.

He has shown his drawings and paintings in a variety of shows in the Northeast US and England. His work is rooted in the ideals of classical realism and a deep love of nature.  He works primarily in gouache and water miscible oils; preferring to work directly from life.

He proudly live Queens, New York with his wife and two children.  You can usually see him around sketching, painting en plein air or staring obsessively at works of art at the Met, Frick or the Cloisters.

To inquire about availability and pricing of any of his works or to discuss commissioning a work you can contact him at

You can follow him on Twitter  Instagram or Facebook 

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